Our skilled tax consultants make use of all measures available in order to meet your individual goals and develop the most favourable tax model for your company.

These include:

Additionally, we are also experienced in the following fields:
Bookkeeping documents the economic success of your business. 
It forms the foundation for the next strategic steps.

We offer the following optional services:

Problem-free payroll operations form one of the most important features of a company. Well-regulated wages accounting makes for a good working atmosphere and promotes employee motivation.

We can carry out the following for you:

Commercial law requires balance sheet accounting of those whose trading operations involve business operations organised in a commercial manner. For the conversion to balance sheet accounting and the ongoing preparation of annual report documentation, we pay particular consideration to suggestions for use of voting rights according to the HGB/US-GAAP/IAS standards for:

We can advise you in the following areas:


We think of ourselves as your partner from day one of the business idea. We would like you to benefit from our contacts and our experience in founding companies, as well as in applying for grants.

Your achievement and the reputation you gain both have their roots in an idea. We consider advising and supporting start-ups one of our most important activities.We take particular care in helping you implement the business idea. We frequently launch such joint expeditions, each one of which requires thorough preparation. --We divide the operational steps as follows:

1. Preparation for a Company Foundation
» Formulation of the vision / idea
» Drafting of a business plan /company design
» Finance planning
» Drafting of an action plan / schedule
» Object of the company
» Legal form of the company
» Personnel planning

2. Implementation of a Company Foundation
» Legal contractual technicalities
» Company contracts
» Particularities of company law
» Commercial law technicalities
» Register of companies
» Insurance
» Personal pension provision
» Liability issues

3. Company Management
» Organisation of accounting procedures
» Finance accounting
» Payroll accounting
» Tax planning
» Annual planning for compulsory contributions
» Optimisation of the tax burden
» Marketing
» Company analysis
» Controlling


Managing a company means paying constant attention to trends in business processes.
Our operational techniques let you convert this activity into strategies.


As neutral experts, consultants to the purchaser or the seller, or as adjudicators with a mediating function, we can evaluate companies and company assets according to the recognised procedures.

Optimising the tax burden can often lead to the settlement of legal issues. Our close collaboration with lawyers and auditors ensures that we can provide our clients with comprehensive advice.

In collaboration with our associates, we can advise you in the following areas:

We can represent you in bankruptcy and compensation claims cases.

We can draft and verify contract documents.

Whether you are planning a start-up, a take-over or a conversion, we will inform you about the best company type for you in terms of tax liability.

The legal consulting services set out here are offered on the basis of the Legal Advice Act (Rechtsberatungsgesetz).